2nd Sense Audio
 2nd Sense ReSampleA tool designed to edit, process and analyze audio.11-31306$144.00
 2nd Sense WiggleWiggle- Waveshaping Synth plug-in for creating expressive sounds with flexible modulations...11-31292$159.00
 2nd Sense AlgoReverbAn algorithmic reverb with sophisticated delay-line design. Resembles classic 80's hardwar...11-31311$84.00
 2nd Sense Mixing AnalyzerMonitor realtime frequency spectrums of multiple tracks simultaneously to detect frequency...11-31310$119.00
 2nd Sense Vocal RemoverUsed for removing or extracting sound from a specified direction span in a stereo track. F...11-31309$84.00
 2nd Sense Engineering FilterThe plugin features lowpass, highpass, bandpass and bandstop filters and is designed with ...11-31312$84.00
Acon Digital
 Acon Digital DeFilterAn efficient tool to even out tonal imbalances in a recording, reduce resonant peaks or di...11-30248$164.00
 Acon Digital DeVerberateProfessional Reverb Adjustment Tool11-30200$164.00
 Acon Digital EqualizeVersatile parametric equalizer plug-in with excellent workflow11-30209$164.00
 Acon Digital VerberateAlgorithmic Reverb with Surreal Realism11-30198$164.00
 Acon Digital Acoustica PremiumComprehensive 8-channel Audio Editor11-30203$199.00
 Acon Digital Acoustica StandardComprehensive Stereo Audio Editor11-30202$64.00
 Acon Digital Restoration SuiteDeNoiser DeHum DeClick DeClip11-30201$164.00
 Acon Digital Verberate SurroundSurround Reverb with Surreal Realism11-30199$329.00
Acorn Instruments
 Acorn Masterkey 2525-note vel. USB MIDI Kybd: pitch bend, mod whl, fader, 4 knobs, sustain and Studio One Ar...25-82071$119.00
 Acorn Masterkey 4949-note vel. USB MIDI Kybd: pitch bend, mod whl, fader, 4 knobs, sustain and Studio One Ar...25-82072$169.00
 Acorn Masterkey 6161-note vel. USB MIDI Kybd: pitch bend, mod whl, fader, 4 knobs, sustain and Studio One Ar...25-82073$199.00
 Acorn FP-1 Universal Foot Switch Solid, rugged, first-class, universal foot switch with a 6-ft. cable and polarity switch. ...25-82076$19.00
 Acorn FP-2 Universal Foot Pedal Piano-style foot [sustain] pedal connects to all standard keyboards with switchable polari...25-82077$29.00
Positive Grid
 BIAS DesktopAdvanced amp-modeling engine captures the warmth and feel of real tube amps.11-30222$169.00
 BIAS Desktop ProfessionalWorld's most accurate, thorough and versatile guitar-amp modeler and designer11-30221$319.00
 BIAS FX Bass ExpansionBIAS FX Bass Expansion Pack : Contains a collection of 7 must have Bass Stompboxes. Bass P...11-30260$129.00
 BIAS FX ProCross platform Guitar amp and effects processor. 32 amps & 52 effects.11-30251$319.00
 BIAS FX StandardCross platform Guitar amp and effects processor. 12 amps & 30 effects11-30250$169.00
 BIAS Pedal DistortionCreate your own distortion pedal and tone match with any distortion pedal in the world11-30253$169.00
 BIAS FX Acoustic ExpansionComplete solution for acoustic & electric guitar players11-30262$129.00
 BIAS FX Metal ExpansionSix signature amp and guitar pedal models, from metal giants11-30259$129.00
 BIAS Pro Series Compressor3 revolutionary component based compressors: FET, Tube, Optical.11-30254$319.00
 BIAS Pro Series EQPro Series EQ - 3 revolutionary EQ's in one, Digital, Tube and Passive . With EQ match fun...11-30258$319.00
Blue Cat Audio
 Blue Cat DP Meter ProAdvanced, flexible, customizable Audio Metering with advanced side chaining control capabi...11-31232$159.00
 Blue Cat FreqAnalyst MultiVisualize spectrum of several tracks on one screen for time and frequency colorized by tra...11-31233$159.00
 Blue Cat FreqAnalyst ProPowerful spectral analysis tool and automation generator with 3D viewer11-31234$159.00
 Blue Cat Oscilloscope MultiVisualize several audio tracks on same screen and compare in X-Y view colorized by track11-31235$89.00
 Blue Cat StereoScope ProReal-time stereo field analyzer with multiple views and MIDI/automation output capabilitie...11-31239$159.00
 Blue Cat StereoScope MultiCompare stereo image of several tracks in real time on one screen colorized by track11-31238$159.00
 Blue Cat All Plug-ins PackA complete professional digital audio processing environment in a single bundle11-31224$1,999.00
 Blue Cat Analysis PackMeasure and monitor audio. DPMeter Pro, FreqAnalyst, Ocilloscope, StereoScope [Multi & Pro...11-31225$489.00
 Blue Cat Crafters Packncludes Plug n script to design custom effects and instruments, Patchwork the universal Pa...11-31289$659.00
 Blue Cat Energy PackCompletely manage dynamics of audio tracks. DP Meter Pro, Dynamics, MB-5 Dynamix, MB-7 Mix...11-31226$659.00
 Blue Cat Master PackFinalize mixes or mastertracks. DP Meter Pro, Dynamics, FreqAnalyst, StereoScope Pro, Liny...11-31229$999.00
 Blue Cat Multi PackComplete collection of multiple instances analysis tools. FreqAnalyst, Oscilloscope, Stere...11-31230$249.00
 Blue Cat DestructorPowerful distortion & amp modeling tool11-31300$159.00
 Blue Cat DynamicsFlexible all-in-one Dynamics Processor - compressor, limiter, gate, expander, waveshaper o...11-31241$249.00
 Blue Cat LinyEQ8 bands linear phase equalizer with very low latency11-31244$159.00
 Blue Cat MB-5 DynamixMulti-band Dynamics Processor: compressor, limiter, gate, expander, waveshaper on any part...11-31242$329.00
 Blue Cat MB-7 MixerSplits signals into 7 bands. Mix and process each band like separate tracks with VST plugi...11-31243$209.00
 Blue Cat PatchworkUniversal plug-ins Patchbay - create up to 8 parallel chains of plug-ins that can be activ...11-31250$159.00
 Blue Cat Plug'n ScriptScripting plug-in that can be programmed to build custom audio and MIDI FX or virtual inst...11-30208$159.00
 Blue Cat Protector0 dB stereo brickwall limiter with adjustable dynamics response for your Master Bus11-31236$159.00
 Blue Cat Remote ControlVirtual Control Surface for your Virtual Studio11-31237$89.00
Boz Digital Labs
 Boz Digital Little FootLets you add subtle to extreme low end to your kick drum without compromising sound.10-12096$79.00
 Boz Digital MongooseLet's you solidify your low end by collapsing bass frequencies to mono10-12097$79.00
 Boz Digital PantherIndependent Control to prevent volume, phase and tonal differences between the left and ri...10-12094$169.00
 Boz Digital SasquatchCompliments your already existing kick drum to either subtly add oomph or completely redes...10-12093$169.00
 Boz Digital T-BoneA slant Eq, which boosts one end of the frequency spectrum while attenuating the other end...10-12095$79.00
 Boz Digital The WallA brick wall limiter that is designed to push mixes as loud as possible without destroying...10-12112$169.00
 Boz Digital TransgressorDrum manipulation plug in & transient/sustain EQ with sidechain10-12114$169.00
 Boz Digital Imperial DelayPowerful, easy-to-use delay plug-in giving complete control of every nuance of your delay.10-12092$259.00
 Boz Digital Manic CompressorPowerful Compressor with 6 different modes and comprehensive parallel routing setup10-12103$259.00
 Boz Digital +10dB CompressorSoftware emulation of one of the industry's most iconic hardware compressors10-12100$169.00
 Boz Digital +10dB EqualiserMeticulously modeled after the Eq section of a very highly sought after hardware channel s...10-12101$169.00
 Boz Digital +10dB BundleChannel strip plug in containing +10dB Compressor and +10 dB Equaliser10-12099$259.00
 Boz Digital HoserModeled off a vintage Canadian hardware Eq Unit, add extreme amounts of gain without addin...10-12102$169.00
 Boz Digital Hoser XTA great channel Eq modeled from an analog hardware unit. Stereo /Mono mode & Mid/ side mod...10-12098$259.00
 Boz Digital BozBendeth BundleHoser and +10db Bundle10-12111$399.00
CBI Cables
 CBI 1/8"TRSM x 1/8"TRSM x 6'Belden/CBI 22 Ga balanced wire - Neutrik Nickel 1/8" male TRS to 1/8" TRS, 6" length.23-75022$29.00
 CBI DSub 25-pin (Fem) to 8 x XLRF 10'AMP solid metal 25-pin DSub female with gold pins.23-75024$149.00
 CBI DSub 25-pin (Male) to 8 x XLRM 10'AMP solid metal 25-pin DSub male with gold pins23-75023$149.00
 CBI AudioJog 3Cable Tester for XLR, 1/4" stereo or mono, and RCA; Memory Option; single and dual ended m...23-75104$149.00
 CBI Speaker Cabl. SCSeries 16 gauge 10'16 Gauge Unshielded Round - Neutrik Large Hole 1/4" Male Connectors, 10ft in length23-75015$29.00
 CBI Speaker Cabl. SCSeries 16 gauge 25'16 Gauge Unshielded Round - Neutrik Large Hole 1/4" Male Connectors, 25ft in length23-75016$39.00
 CBI Speaker Cabl. SCSeries 16 gauge 50'16 Gauge Unshielded Round - Neutrik Large Hole 1/4" Male Connectors, 50ft in length23-75017$59.00
CME Keyboards
 CME Xkey25 Air Bluetooth MIDI ControllerBluetooth MIDI 25 full-size keys Controller (2 octaves) MIDI compliant, Velocity sensitive...25-82098$334.00
 CME Xkey37 Air Bluetooth MIDI ControllerBluetooth MIDI 37 full-size keys Controller (2 octaves) MIDI compliant, Velocity sensitive...25-82097$499.00
 CME WIDI BUDLow Energy Bluetooth adapter optimized for MIDI connection to an Xkey Air keyboard.25-82100$94.00
 CME Xkey XclipStrap that lets you play your Xkey like a Keytar.25-82099$94.00
 CME Xkey Supernova CaseProtection Carrying Case is designed to protect the Xkey portable MIDI controller while tr...25-82086$39.00
 CME Xkey37 Solar CasePolyester Fabric case designed to protect both Xkey 37 and a standard Xkey unit. It have t...25-82096$79.00
 CME Xkey Black25-note ultra-slim standard-size USB MIDI Keyboard with velocity, polyphonic aftertouch, p...25-82091$169.00
 CME Xkey Blue25-note ultra-slim standard-size USB MIDI Keyboard with velocity, polyphonic aftertouch, p...25-82088$169.00
 CME Xkey Champagne25-note ultra-slim standard-size USB MIDI Keyboard with velocity, polyphonic aftertouch, p...25-82089$169.00
 CME Xkey Dark Grey25-note ultra-slim standard-size USB MIDI Keyboard with velocity, polyphonic aftertouch, p...25-82087$169.00
 CME Xkey Gold25-note ultra-slim standard-size USB MIDI Keyboard with velocity, polyphonic aftertouch, p...25-82090$169.00
 CME Xkey Standard Silver25-note ultra-slim standard-size USB MIDI Keyboard with velocity, polyphonic aftertouch, p...25-82085$169.00
 CME Xkey37 Mobile MIDI Controller37 full-size keys,100% MIDI compliant,Velocity sensitive. Polyphonic aftertouch, Pressure ...25-82095$329.00
D16 Group
 D16 Classic Boxes CollectionRoland TB-303, TR-606, TR-808 and TR-909 emulations in a budget-saving bundle. 11-31183$559.00
 D16 SilverLine CollectionAll FX plug-ins [Devastor, Fazortan, Decimort, Redoptor, Toraverb, Synthorus, Antresol] 11-31184$359.00
 D16 Total BundleAll plug-ins [Phoscyon, Drumazon, Nepheton, Nithonat, Devastor, Fazortan, Decimort, Redopt...11-31182$1,389.00
 D16 AntresolFaithful emulation of Classic "Mistress" Flanger, reborn with extra features for modern Er...11-31285$74.00
 D16 Decimort2High-quality bit crusher, sound colorizer, Lo-Fi, character imparting Effects plug-in. 11-31194$74.00
 D16 Devastor2Multiband diode clipper distortion unit, with three multi-mode filter sections 11-31192$74.00
 D16 FazortanControllable Space Phaser emulation of classic analog allpass phase shifter, 2 LFO's and ...11-31193$74.00
 D16 RedoptorVintage Tube Distortion w/ exact tube and tube's circuits emulation, tube/transistor disto...11-31195$74.00
 D16 Repeater23 unique, authentically modeled delay units11-31302$169.00
 D16 SigmundHigh-quality, flexible delay w/ 4 discreet units, each with its own independent set of par...11-31249$134.00
 D16 SyntorusDouble Path Analog Chorus emulation of analog delay line w/ double delay line, LFO's, trem...11-31190$74.00
 D16 ToraverbSpace Modulated Reverb with high-quality diffusion algorithm, modulater tail and tons of p...11-31191$74.00
 D16 DrumazonSuperb TR-909 emulation w/ 8 banks, 12 patterns per bank, shuffle, accent and much more. 11-31187$189.00
 D16 LuSH-1018-layer, 32-voice polyphonic synth w/ 1,600 presets, Effects, Modulation Matrix, Arpeg, an...11-31185$279.00
 D16 NephetonSuperb TR-808 emulation w/ 17 instruments, 96 patterns, randomizer, fills and much more. 11-31186$189.00
 D16 NithonatSuperb TR-606 emulation w/ 8 banks, 12 patterns per bank, tap-mode, trigger out and much m...11-31188$189.00
 D16 PhoscyonSuperb TB-303 Bass Line emulation of analog oscillators (saw/square) with 18db/8va low-pas...11-31189$109.00
 D16 Plasticlicks1.1GB drum library with 1,611 carefully selected and sampled drum sounds [WAV, Akai, SF2]11-31196$129.00
 D16 PunchBoxBass drum synthesizer combining synthesis, sampling and built in FX for creating custom ki...11-31291$149.00
Dotec Audio
 Dotec DeeCompDynamics Compressor plug-in with ultra-quality sound from high speed algorithm.11-30269$209.00
 Dotec DeeEQSemi-Automatic EQ plug-in using only 2 sliders11-30270$79.00
 Dotec DeeFatAutomatic Compression Plug-in. Only one slider controls compression to achieve FAT sounds.11-30271$79.00
 Dotec DeeMaxLoudness Maximizer/Saturation plug-in. One slider controls everything. With Turbo switch t...11-30272$79.00
 Dotec DeeTrimSimple plug-in which controls the volume level from -12dB to +3dB and keeps the output lev...11-30273$39.00
 FabFilter Creative BundleFabFilter Saturn, Twin 2, Timeless 2 and Volcano at a heavy discount11-30169$699.00
 FabFilter Essentials BundleFabFilter Pro-Q 2, Pro-R and Pro-C 2 in a discounted bundle11-30267$669.00
 FabFilter FX BundleFabFilter Pro-L, Pro-Q, Pro-MB, Pro-C, Pro-DS, Pro-G, Saturn, Timeless 2 and Volcano 211-30165$1,489.00
 FabFilter Mixing BundleFabFilter Pro-Q, Pro-C, Pro-DS, Pro-G, Saturn and Timeless 2 in a discounted bundle11-30167$1,129.00
 FabFilter Pro BundleFabFilter Pro-MB, Pro-L, Pro-Q, Pro-C, Pro-DS and Pro-G in a discounted bundle11-30166$1,229.00
 FabFilter Total BundleThe Total Bundle is a set of all FabFilter plug-ins at a heavily discounted price11-30164$1,669.00
 FabFilter Mastering BundleFabFilter Pro-MB, Pro-L, Pro-Q and Pro-C in a discounted bundle11-30168$839.00
 FabFilter MicroUltimate lightweight filter plug-in, making the classic FabFilter sound affordable for eve...11-30182$64.00
 FabFilter SaturnMulti-band distortion and saturation plug-in with a user-friendly drag-and-drop modulation11-30176$289.00
 FabFilter SimplonEasy to use filter plug-in with 2 high-quality multi-mode filters and an interactive filte...11-30181$104.00
 FabFilter Timeless 2Ultra-flexible tape delay plug-in with time stretching, superb filters and user-friendly d...11-30178$239.00
 FabFilter Volcano 2Versatile filter effect plug-in with state-of-the-art filter technology and endless modula...11-30179$239.00
 FabFilter Pro-C 2Professional dynamics processor with 8 different, program-dependent compression styles wit...11-30173$329.00
 FabFilter Pro-DSDe-esser perfect for processing single vocal tracks as well as entire mixes11-30174$329.00
 FabFilter Pro-GProfessional Gate/Expander with beautifully fine-tuned algorithms, highly flexible side-ch...11-30175$329.00
 FabFilter Pro-LFeature-packed limiter plug-in for mastering and mixing, with multiple advanced limiting a...11-30171$379.00
 FabFilter Pro-MBProfessional multiband compressor and expander plug-in, suitable for any form of dynamics ...11-30170$379.00
 FabFilter Pro-Q 2Superb EQ with 24 bands, natural phase processing, spectrum grab, slope support for all fi...11-30196$329.00
 FabFilter Pro-RHigh Quality Algorithmic Reverb with 6-Band Decay Rate EQ & Post EQ.11-30266$379.00
 FabFilter OneOne-oscillator synth with perfectly fine-tuned controls and the best possible sound and fi...11-30180$104.00
 FabFilter Twin 2Powerful synth with the highest possible sound quality and an ultra-flexible modulation sy...11-30177$289.00
FL Studio
 [Box] FL Studio 12 Fruity LoopsMusic Composing/Arranging software with Piano Roll editing, Event Automation, Playlist, VS...10-15221$159.00
 [Box] FL Studio 12 ProducerProfessional DAW. Vector GUI, Unlimited MIDI, Audio Recording, Mixing, VST and post-produc...10-15222$309.00
 [Box] FL Studio 12 Signature BundleProfessional DAW like 'Producer' plus a selection of Image Line Plug-ins.10-15223$449.00
 FL Studio 12 Fruity Loops Music Composing/Arranging software with Piano Roll editing, Event Automation, Playlist, ...10-15230$159.00
 FL Studio 12 Producer Professional DAW. Vector GUI, Unlimited MIDI, Audio Recording, Mixing, VST and post-prod...10-15229$319.00
 FL Studio 12 Signature BundleProfessional DAW like 'Producer' plus a selection of Image Line Plug-ins.10-15228$479.00
 Image Line DrumaxxPercussion modeling instrument gives you total control over 16 physically modeled drum pad...11-31123$119.00
 Image Line Groove MachineVirtual groove box designed with live performance in mind, or use it as a synthesizer/drum...11-31136$179.00
 Image Line HarmlessA subtractive synthesizer powered by an additive synthesis engine, making CPU usage light....11-31130$94.00
 Image Line HarmorA subtractive synthesizer powered by addictive synthesis like Harmless but with more featu...11-31135$179.00
 Image Line OgunDistinctive synthesis generates over 32,000 harmonics, modulated by high-level harmonic ma...11-31128$94.00
 Image Line PoiZoneSubtractive synth | 16-poly, 2 osc, 2 ADSR, 3 filter, noise, ring mod, sync-mod, arpeggiat...11-31115$94.00
 Image Line SakuraString instrument physical modeling controlling contact, vibration, string reaction, reson...11-31124$119.00
 Image Line SawerVintage modeling synthesizer | Envelopes and filters based off of rare 1980's Polivoks ana...11-31122$119.00
 Image Line SytrusHybrid Synthesizer | A disruptive innovation in software synthesis, FM, RM & Subtractive s...11-31126$209.00
 Image Line Toxic BiohazardHybrid synth engine combines FM and Subtractive w. warm analog filter and FX.11-31114$119.00
 Image Line DirectWaveOne of the most complete VSTi Samplers loading and editing most existing formats and other...11-31127$119.00
 Image Line EdisonFully host-integrated audio editing and recording tool that loads into any VSTi compatible...11-31137$119.00
 Image Line Gross BeatTime manipulation effect | real-time or rendered gating, glitch, repeat, scratching and st...11-31129$119.00
 Image Line Hardcore10 FX for guitarist: Distortion, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Reverb, Delay, Noise Gate, Equal...11-31116$119.00
 Image Line Juice PackA collection of the most popular effects, 14 in total, from FL Studio as VSTi plugins for ...11-31138$119.00
 Image Line MaximusTransparent Mastering Maximizer | it's a Compressor, Limiter, Noise Gate, Expander, Ducker...11-31125$224.00
 Image Line MorphinePowerful additive synth w. logical, flexible architecture for creating any sound.11-31113$189.00
 Image Line SlicexSlice and/or edit samples into regions that can be re-arranged and triggered independently11-31131$94.00
 Image Line VocodexAnalyze the real-time frequency band activity of one sound, to control frequency band acti...11-31132$119.00
Future Audio Workshop
 FAW Circle² SynthesizerVector Phase Shaping synth designed in Berlin for creating 21st century sounds11-30219$209.00
Guitar Pro
 [Box] Arobas Guitar Pro 6 Edit tablatures for guitar, bass and fretted instruments from 4 to 8 strings.11-30062$69.00
 [Box] Arobas Guitar Pro 6 XLEdit tablatures for guitar, bass and fretted instruments from 4 to 8 strings w/ 6 packs of...11-30071$99.00
 Hammond XK-5 Organ61 notes keys, 12-note presets, 4 Drawbars sets & pedal drawbars, Built in Leslie & 11-pin...60-21097$5,729.00
 Hammond SK1 Keyboard61-note, 63 poly, 9 drawbars kybd w/ 200 snds - superlative organ, piano, wind, library, e...60-20000$3,599.00
 Hammond SK1-73 Keyboard73-note, 63 poly, 9 drawbars kybd w/ 200 snds - superlative organ, piano, wind, library.60-21051$3,999.00
 Hammond SK1-88 Keyboard88-note weighted, 63 poly, 9 drawbars kybd w/ 200 snds - superlative organ, piano, wind, l...60-21052$5,279.00
 Hammond SK2 Keyboard61-note, 63 poly, double-manual, 9 drawbars kybd w/ 200 snds - superlative organ, piano, w...60-20001$5,199.00
 Hammond XK-1c Portable Organ61-note, 61 poly, 128 patch VASE III Organ, 9 drawbars, Leslie 8-pin, Effects, Keymap, Tou...60-21062$2,699.00
 Hammond XK-3c Organ Keyboard61+12-note, ultd poly, 2x9 drawbars organ w/Leslie 11-pin, MIDI in pedal, pitch bend and m...60-20002$4,699.00
 Hammond Leslie 2215 CoverLeslie-branded Custom designed protective cover for Leslie 221560-21089$159.00
 Hammond Leslie 3300 CoverLeslie-branded Custom designed protective cover for Leslie 3300. 60-21072$159.00
 Hammond Leslie Studio 12 CoverLeslie-branded Custom designed protective cover for Leslie Studio 12 60-21071$139.00
 Hammond XPK-200L Power Supply XPK Series Power Supply for (part# 100-AD1-1508)60-21085$79.00
 Hammond SK-XK1 Gig Bag 61Hammond-branded gig bag designed to transport the Hammond SK-1 and XK-1 with safety and co...60-21086$159.00
 Hammond SK1-73 Gig BagHammond-branded gig bag designed to transport the Hammond SK-1 73 with safety and comfort.60-21067$229.00
 Hammond SK1-88 Gig BagHammond-branded gig bag designed to transport the Hammond SK-1 88 with safety and comfort.60-21068$239.00
 Hammond SK2 Gig BagHammond-branded Gig Bag to transport the Hammond SK2 in safety and comfort.60-21061$239.00
 Hammond XK3c-XK5 Gig BagHammond-branded gig bag designed to transport the Hammond XK3c or XK5 with safety and comf...60-21070$269.00
 Hammond 6" 8-pin to 1/4" Adapter Hammond 8-Pin to 1/4" Female TS Adapter (6")60-21077$69.00
 Hammond 10ft 11-pin to Dual 1/4" This cable connects an XK keyboard with 11 pin connector, to the Studio 12 Leslie Speaker....60-21087$159.00
 Hammond 11-Pin Cable 30ft30' 11 pin cable for connecting the Hammond XK3 to a Lesile Speaker System such as the 21 ...60-21074$239.00
 Hammond 8-pin DIN cable XK3 - XLK Connects Hammond XK3 Series upper manual to XLK lower manual via 8 pin DIN connecto60-21078$99.00
 Hammond SK 25-note Pedal Board25-note MIDI pedal board, compatable with all SK models, includes mounted EXP-50 expressio...60-21063$3,599.00
 Hammond XK-Pedal Board25-note MIDI pedal board, MIDI out, expression out for XK-3c, includes mounted EXP100F exp...60-21064$3,599.00
 Hammond XPK 250BK - XK5 Pedal BoardBlack color - XK5 Pedal Board, 25-note MIDI pedal board60-21108$3,599.00
 Hammon XPK 250W - XK5 Pedal BoardRed Walnut - XK5 Pedal Board, 25-note MIDI pedal board60-21107$3,599.00
 Hammond XPK-10013-note MIDI pedal board. 60-21019$1,199.00
 Hammond XPK-200L20-note MIDI pedal board w/ wooden pedals. 60-21021$2,189.00
 Hammond Black Piano BenchHammond Black Piano Bench, with storage for music sheets.60-21092$439.00
 Hammond KS-100Hammond Single Keyboard Stand. (For SK1, Xk-1C, XK5, SK1-73, SK1 88, XK-3C single manual) ...60-21091$279.00
 Hammond KS-200Hammond Double Manual Stand (for SK2 or XK-3C & XK-5 with double manual) 60-21090$339.00
 Hammond CU-1 (Half-moon Switch)Tremolo/Stop/Chorale for XK Systems, XK-3c, XK-1c, and SK-2, Leslie Cream pedal 60-20008$309.00
 Hammond EXP-100F Expression pedal for XK-3 & SK System 60-21018$429.00
 Hammond EXP-20Expression pedal for SK1, SK2, XK-1c and XK-3c. 60-21015$259.00
 Hammond EXP-50Expression pedal for SK1, SK2 and XK-1c. 60-21017$389.00
 Hammond FS-10TLFoot switch for 122XB & 971 when equipped w/Leslie interface panel. 60-21013$119.00
 Hammond FS-1TLFoot switch for G37 & Studio 12 60-21012$79.00
 Hammond FS-9H Foot SwitchFoot switch for XK series, SK series, Leslie 3300, Leslie 2101. 60-21014$74.00
 Hammond EXP-30Expression Pedal for XK-3C, XK-5 and SK1, SK260-21106$239.00
 Hammond V-20RT Speed PedalSpeed pedal for for G37 & Studio 12 (Gaz Pedal) 60-21083$289.00
 Hammond Leslie LS2012 Keyboard AMPPowerful Keyboard Amp (non-rotary) - With Mixer, paralell Main output for professional sta...60-21104$729.00
 Hammond Leslie LS2215 Keyboard AmpPowerful Keyboard Amp (non-rotary) - With Mixer, paralell Main output for professional sta...60-21088$1,179.00
 Hammond Digital Leslie Pedal - CreamOffers sound of Vintage 122, 147, Model 18 and PR-40 with rotary control, mic placement, r...60-21066$709.00
 Hammond The K PedalThe Leslie "K" pedal features three classic cabinet styles 122, 147, and 760 models plus a...60-21103$529.00
 Hammond Leslie G Pedal - BlackThe new Leslie "G" pedal features three classic cabinet styles: 122A, 147A and 18V. Contro...60-21084$569.00
 Hammond Leslie Studio 12 SpeakerGenuine Leslie 100-Watt w/TubeAmp, Speed Control circuit, 12” vintage V30 speaker- 90Lbs ...60-21055$2,599.00
 Hammond Guitar Leslie G37Guitar Leslie 100-Watt w/TubeAmp, Speed Control circuit, 12” vintage V30 speaker - 85Lbs ...60-21038$2,399.00
 Hammond Leslie Speaker 981Hammond 981 Leslie Rotary Speaker. 15" Woofer and Bass Rotor, Two-Speed Dual-Race Horn, 11...60-20014$5,999.00
 Hammond Leslie Speaker 122A40W RMS vac. tube amp, 15' woofer, high power horn driver, 6-pin Leslie, single ch input, ...60-21035$5,599.00
 Hammond Leslie Speaker 122XB40W RMS vac. tube amp, 15' woofer, high power horn driver, 11-pin Leslie, single ch input,...60-21036$5,599.00
 Hammond Leslie Speaker 147A40W RMS vac. tube amp, 15' woofer, high power horn driver, 6-pin Leslie, single ch input, ...60-21037$5,599.00
 Hammond Leslie Speaker 2101 Mk II 50W RMS rotary ch, 75W RMS stationary, Top half Leslie withl ower rotor simulation - 8 Pin...60-21029$2,899.00
 Hammond Leslie Speaker 2121350W Stationary speaker, 3 channels, 15" woofer, horn tweeter, Mic/Line input XLR type w/P...60-21031$2,199.00
 Hammond Leslie Speaker 3300High-impact Black Finish with Castersfinish300W RMS solid state amp with vac. tube preamp,...60-21028$3,999.00
 Hammond Leslie Speaker 3300WWood Finish - Red Walnut - 300W RMS solid state amp with vac. tube preamp, single ch. Lesl...60-21096$4,399.00
 Hammond Leslie Studio 12W SpeakerRed Walnut finish, Genuine Leslie 100-Watt w/TubeAmp, Speed Control circuit, 12” vintage V...60-21105$2,929.00
 Hammond B-3P Portable B-361-note, keyboard x2 and 25-note pedal, full poly,(Upper& Lower) - 8 note Poly(pedal) 96 t...60-20003$31,459.00
 Hammond XK5-Model A3 - Lower ManualHeritage A3 Lower Manuall for Hammond XK-560-21101$3,729.00
 Hammond XK5-Model A3 Heritage SystemIncludes: XK-5, A3LM Lower Manual, A3STD Spindle Stand, XK Spindle Bench "RW", XPK250W "Re...60-21099$15,379.00
 Hammond XK5-Model A3 - Vintage Spindle Heritage A3 Vintage Spindle for Hammond XK-560-21102$1,599.00
 Hammond XK Bench - Vintage SpindleMatching all wood bench.60-21007$659.00
 Hammond XK-System - Pro StyleXK-3c, lower manual - pro style, XK stand - pro style, 25-note pedal board, bench - pro st...60-20005$11,999.00
 Hammond XK-System - Vintage PB XK-3c, lower manual - traditional style, XK stand - traditional style, 25-note pedal boar...60-20004$11,999.00
 Hammond XK5 Heritage Pro SystemIncludes: XK-5, XLK5 Pro Lower Manual, XK Stand-Pro Style (black) XPK250BK 25-Note Pedal B...60-21098$14,529.00
 Hammond XK5 Pro Style - Lower ManualPro style Lower Manuall for Hammond XK-560-21100$3,329.00
 Soca Starter Pack Vol 1Kontakt & Komplete Soca sample library. 80 loops, 70 single shots, on board effects.12-41437$104.00
 Indigisounds PercussionsRhythm section sample library, a group of percussion instruments that accompanied steelpan...12-41431$159.00
 Indigisounds SteelpanHuge selection of authentic steelpan samples in Kontakt player from Trinidad.12-41316$159.00
Kong Audio
 Kong Audio Bian Zhong ProSampled Chinese instrument based on the excavated bells from 2,400 years ago, one of the m...11-31288$179.00
 Kong Audio Chinee OrchestraThe comprehensive tool for creating authentic-sounding Chinese orchestral arrangements11-31259$1,109.00
 KR Fatter STRSpectral Transforms Enhancer audio plug-in11-33124$149.00
 KR Imager STRStereo Image Enhancer audio plug-in11-33125$119.00
 KR SpaceReverb Echoes based Multi-FX Processor11-33120$149.00
KV331 Audio
 Crossgrade from SynthMasterSynthmaster One Crossgrade for Synthmaster users 11-33234$49.00
 Crossgrade from SynthMaster PlayerSynthmaster One Crossgrade for Synthmaster Player users 11-33235$64.00
 SynthMasterSemi-modular Synth with Effect.11-33121$134.00
 SynthMaster OneEasy to use Wavetable Synthesizer with 16 step arp/sequencer + effects.11-33232$119.00
 SynthMaster+SynthMaster One BundleSynthmast + Synthmaster One11-33233$184.00
 SynthMaster PlayerSimplified version of SynthMaster11-33122$39.00
 SynthMaster Everything Bundle SynthMaster + Expansion Banks 11-33123$469.00
 MAGIX Audio and Music PremiumProfessional audio editing for music and video projects. Edit, optimize and play recording...11-33215$169.00
 MAGIX Audio Master Suite 2 MacSound Forge Pro 11, SpectraLayers Pro 3, CD Architect 5.2, Production Music tracks, Nectar...11-33167$829.00
 MAGIX Audio Master Suite 2 WindowsSound Forge Pro 11, SpectraLayers Pro 3, CD Architect 5.2, Production Music tracks, Nectar...11-33166$999.00
 MAGIX CD Architect 5.2Professional Red Book Audio CD Mastering11-33132$139.00
 MAGIX Audio Cleaning LabSoftware for digitizing Vinyl records and restoring audio recordings. Automatically improv...11-33214$109.00
 MAGIX Sound Forge Audio Studio 10Audio editing and production.11-33139$89.00
 MAGIX Sound Forge Pro 11Advanced audio waveform editor.11-33130$799.00
 MAGIX Sound Forge Pro Mac 2Waveform editor for OS X.11-33131$379.00
 MAGIX SpectraLayers Pro 2Advanced audio spectrum editor11-33133$499.00
 MAGIX SpectraLayers Pro 3Advanced audio spectrum editor for repairing, moving, de-noising, de-cluttering, improving...11-33165$629.00
 MAGIX ACID Music Studio 10Loop-based music creation DAW 11-33138$89.00
 MAGIX ACID Pro 7 Professional digital audio workstation11-33129$199.00
 MAGIX Music Maker PremiumUnique virtual studio with 6,500 sounds and 17 instruments. Large collection of loops, sam...11-33207$169.00
 MAGIX Music MakerMake your own music and beats with ease. Drag n drop style with 5,000 sounds and loops and...11-33211$109.00
 MAGIX Music Maker LiveProduce beats, Record music then Mix and Master with professional sound. Features Live Pad...11-33212$169.00
 MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio 2016Virtual Music Studio for Music production. Create, record and edit music. Contains 19 dive...11-33209$169.00
 MAGIX Samplitude Pro X2Digital Audio Workstation for arranging, recording, editing, mixing and mastering.11-33205$669.00
 MAGIX Samplitude PRO X2 SuiteFull complete software music studio for recording, editing, production & composition as we...11-33213$999.00
 MAGIX DVD Architect Pro 6.0Author DVD or Blu-ray Disc media.11-33136$249.00
 MAGIX DVD Architect Studio 5.0Create pro DVD and Blu-ray Dis11-33140$49.00
 MAGIX FastcutVideo editing software for action camera owners. With automatic optimizations, impressive ...11-33208$119.00
 MAGIX Vegas DVD ArchitectCreate menu based DVD and Blu-ray Discs with professional authoring functions.11-33226$169.00
 MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2016 PlusVideo editing software for 2D and 3D videos and movies. Enhance poor sound and video quali...11-33206$169.00
 MAGIX Movie Studio 13 Simplified Video Editing11-33150$79.00
 MAGIX Movie Studio 13 PlatinumVideo editing and DVD creation.11-33151$99.00
 MAGIX Movie Studio 13 SuiteHD video editing, DVD creation, and more.11-33152$229.00
 MAGIX Vegas Pro Production Assistant 2 Enhances the functionality of Vegas Pro11-33128$209.00
 MAGIX Web Designer PremiumCreate impressive multimedia websites in just a few steps without any previous experience.11-33210$169.00
 Melda MCreativeBundle30 Effects from the Creative Series at a massive discount.11-30159$809.00
 Melda MMasteringBundle21 Effects from the Mastering Series perfect for any Mastering or Serious Home Studio at a...11-30161$1,079.00
 Melda MMixingBundle27 Effects from the Mixing series at a massive discount.11-30160$889.00
 Melda MTotalBundle97 Effects in the Ultimate Collection of Audio Tools for a Professional Studio.11-30162$2,689.00
 Melda MBassadorResynthesizes missing low frequencies, based on a signal's existing midrange harmonics.11-30261$144.00
 Melda MFilterAdd movement to static tracks with 4 modulators, 9 filter types, tube saturation and super...11-30147$89.00
 Melda MMultiBandAutopan6-band AutoPan. Modulate parameter with LFO, audio level follower, envelope generator, ran...11-30140$79.00
 Melda MMultibandbitfunExtreme distortion plug in with up to 6 independent frequency bands and 4 modulators11-30256$89.00
 Melda MMultiBandComb6-band Comb Filter with 4 filter types in Series or Parallel, adjustable feedback with ban...11-30158$89.00
 Melda MMultiBandDistortion6-band Distortion with 12 pre-defined sounds organized by style with massive modulation.11-30142$79.00
 Melda MMultiBandFlanger6-band analog-style Flanger with custom oscillator shapes, analog-like saturation, jet, sy...11-30148$89.00
 Melda MMultiBandFreqShifter6-bands of creative madness - Feedback, custom oscillator shapes, widening, 4 modulators, ...11-30152$89.00
 Melda MMultiBandGranular6-band Granular ReSynthesizer with graph-based transformers, 20-layer grain harmony pitch ...11-30149$89.00
 Melda MMultiBandHarmonizer6-band Harmony creator with 120 voices, formant adjustment, strumming, ADSR enveloper all ...11-30151$89.00
 Melda MMultiBandPhaser6-band Phaser with 100 filters, analog-style saturation, custom oscillator shapes, synchro...11-30141$79.00
 Melda MMultiBandReverb6-band Reverb with integrated Parametric EQ, 4 modulators and randomizer for creation of r...11-30150$89.00
 Melda MMultiBandRingModulator6-band Ring Modulator with 2 oscillators with custom shapes and LFO, audio level followe, ...11-30143$79.00
 Melda MMultiBandTremolo6-band Tremelo with 2 oscillators with customer shape and massive modulation options.11-30144$79.00
 Melda MMultiBandVibrato6-band Vibrato combines Tremelo for 2-speaker, rotary simulation, custom oscillator shapes...11-30145$79.00
 Melda MMultiBandWaveShaperSplit the input signal up to 6 bands and use a different custom shape in each of them with...11-30146$79.00
 Melda MMultiRhythmizer6-band of distinct gating, glitching, repeating, scratching with integrated sequencer and ...11-30153$184.00
 Melda MRhythmizerGate, Glitch, Repeat and Scratch yourself silly with 36 sequences for each time, volume an...11-30154$89.00
 Melda MRotaryRotary speaker cabinet simulation featuring up to 6 speakers at once, design custom cabine...11-30257$184.00
 Melda MUnisonCombination of doubler/unison and smart harmonizer.11-30252$184.00
 Melda MVintageRotaryPerfect-sounding rotary simulation based on famous Leslie cabinets useful on other intrume...11-30157$89.00
 Melda MVocoderAnalog filter-based Vocoder with 100 bands, order-10 filters, band matrix, resnonance grap...11-30155$89.00
 Melda MWobblerDistortion Filter desgined to producer dubstep wobbling bass but useful on rhythmic pads, ...11-30156$89.00
 Melda MDrummer LargeUltimate drum machine. 6GB snds, 300+ kits, 2,400+ samplers, 12,000+ loops, 5 sound genera...11-30114$449.00
 Melda MPowerSynthMPowerSynth is a three-oscillator instrument (VST/VST3/AU) with a noise generator, two fil...11-30215$359.00
 Melda MAutoDynamicEq7-band transparent, musical EQ with AutoEQ, Side-chain and gorgeous sounding dynamic filte...11-30115$184.00
 Melda MAutoEqualizerTransparent and musical sounding equalizer featuring automatic equalization technology and...11-30116$264.00
 Melda MDynamicsCompressor, expander, gate tool with parallel compression, adjustable channel linking and ...11-30124$209.00
 Melda MEqualizerLinearPhaseMastering quality EQ with 3 algorithms, spectrum analyzer, sonogram, 9 filter types, tube ...11-30117$169.00
 Melda MFreeformAnalogEqDraw your own EQ and the plug-in find the most accurate settings for teh parametric filter...11-30121$89.00
 Melda MMultiBandConvolution6-band convolution tool with 2 impulses per band from internal IR library or import your o...11-30139$89.00
 Melda MMultiBandDynamics6-band Dynamics Tools with analog crossovers with 120dB/oct separation, linear-phase adn h...11-30126$264.00
 Melda MMultiBandLimiter6-band loudness tool with spectral balancing and analog character with a superb saturation...11-30118$264.00
 Melda MSpectralDynamicsDynamics processor which works in the spectral domain allowing you to work with individual...11-30119$359.00
 Melda MStereoGeneratorMono to Stereo generator makes tacks sound wider, stronger and punchier. EQ applies wideni...11-30137$89.00
 Melda MStereoProcessorControl Stereo image with 4 bands of widening, 3 crossover types, aural excitement and int...11-30120$144.00
 Melda MStereoSpreadTight-sounding stereo expansion with integrated stereo scope, 4 modulators and compatible ...11-30138$144.00
 Melda MAutoAlignAutomatically adjust tracks in time and phase to eliminate phase cancellations with transp...11-30128$89.00
 Melda MAutoVolumeAutomatically adjust track levels, like vocals, to sit right in mix. Export the gain conto...11-30134$89.00
 Melda MCharacterSynthesize & Control the levels & tones of harmonics in monophonic audio material11-30249$184.00
 Melda MCompareReference tool for mixing and mastering. Allows quick comparison of your audio to any audi...11-30214$104.00
 Melda MDrumEnhancerMaps drum tracks, adds samples to fatten11-30246$264.00
 Melda MDrumLevelerMDrumLeveler is a tool designed for drums and percussive materials. It will improve Drum P...11-30216$264.00
 Melda MDynamicEQ5-band Dynamic tool with 4-knob interface and filters for de-essing, ducking, conpression,...11-30123$129.00
 Melda MDynamicsLimiterSaturation tool with analog saturation and 4-knob interface for superb saturation and gain...11-30125$184.00
 Melda MFreeformEqualizerDraw your own EQ curve and the plug-in will do the rest with excellent visualization, spec...11-30133$89.00
 Melda MModernCompressorDynamics processor with RMS length, look-ahead, 6-band EQ filtering, psycho-acoustic pre-f...11-30129$89.00
 Melda MMultiAnalyzerVisualize audio with a multi-track sonogram, collision detector and loudness comparison to...11-30136$104.00
 Melda MMultiBandChorus6-band Chorus with custom oscillator shapes, analog-like saturation, voice tremolo and mul...11-30130$89.00
 Melda MMultiBandDelay6-band Delay with host tempo sync. Modulate parametes with LFOs, audio level followers, en...11-30132$89.00
 Melda MMultiBandSaturator6-band Saturation tool with a digital harmonic generator, sub-bass adn 4 versatile modulat...11-30131$89.00
 Melda MMultiBandTransient6-band Transient Control system with saturation system, 4 modulators, smart radomization a...11-30127$184.00
 Melda MphatikDynamic multi-effects processor, fatten up audio material without losing dynamics.11-30264$184.00
 Melda MReverbTrue Stereo Reverb with adjustable 3-band EQ, 4 modulators, tube staturation, host sync, a...11-30135$79.00
 Melda MtransientBrings punch and attack to any rhythmic track. Also adds saturation.11-30284$104.00
 Melda MTurboEQA unique vintage-style equalizer inspired by classic hardware. For quick and easy equaliza...11-30283$264.00
 Melda MUltraMaximizerLoudness and Saturation system with analog character, 16x up-sampling, M/S, surround suppo...11-30122$89.00
 Melodyne Assistant4Powerful Audio Editing Environment for fixing Tuning, Timing, Vibrato, Levels and much mor...10-11202$329.00
 Melodyne Editor4Powerful, Sophisticated Audio Editing Environment for Vocal Tuning, Sound Editing and Crea...10-11201$669.00
 Melodyne Essential4Powerful Audio Editor perfect for Tuning Vocals with virtually no artifacts.10-11203$169.00
 Melodyne Studio4Powerful, Sophisticated Audio Editing Environment for Vocal Tuning, Sound Editing and Crea...10-11200$1,129.00
 [Box] Melodyne Assistant4Powerful Audio Editing Environment for fixing Tuning, Timing, Vibrato, Levels and much mor...10-11212$329.00
 [Box] Melodyne Editor4Powerful, Sophisticated Audio Editing Environment for Vocal Tuning, Sound Editing and Crea...10-11211$669.00
 [Box] Melodyne Essential4Powerful Audio Editor perfect for Tuning Vocals with virtually no artifacts.10-11213$169.00
 [Box] Melodyne Studio4Powerful, Sophisticated Audio Editing Environment for Vocal Tuning, Sound Editing and Crea...10-11210$1,129.00
 Melodyne Editor4 Add-on LicenseOne additional license. Purchaser must already have Melodyne Editor 4.10-11218$269.00
 Melodyne Studio4 Add-on LicenseOne additional license. Purchaser must already have Melodyne Studio 4.10-11208$409.00
 Melodyne Assistant4 <- EssentialUpgrade to Melodyne Assistant 4 from Essential.10-11219$269.00
 Melodyne Editor4 <- AssistantUpgrade to Melodyne Editor 4 from Assistant.10-11215$409.00
 Melodyne Editor4 <- EditorUpgrade to Melodyne Editor 4 from Editor10-11214$169.00
 Melodyne Editor4 <- EssentialUpgrade to Melodyne Editor 4 from Essential.10-11216$669.00
 Melodyne Editor4 <- UnoUpgrade to Melodyne Editor 4 from Uno.10-11217$269.00
 Melodyne Studio4 <- AssistantUpgrade to Melodyne Studio 4 from Assistant10-11206$829.00
 Melodyne Studio4 <- EditorUpgrade to Melodyne Studio 4 from Editor10-11205$489.00
 Melodyne Studio4 <- EssentialUpgrade to Melodyne Studio 4 from Essential10-11207$1,079.00
 Melodyne Studio4 <- Studio/Cre8Upgrade to Melodyne Studio 4 from Studio/Cre810-11204$269.00
 Melodyne Studio4 <- Studio 3Melodyne Studio4 <- Studio 3 upgrade10-11209$269.00
Mozaic Beats
 Mozaic Beats Auto TheoryChord Generator/Open Arp System11-31284$109.00
 Musiclab RealEight8-string electric guitar instrument12-41398$264.00
 Musiclab RealGuitar 4Rhythm Guitar Accompaniment plug-in. 12-41274$264.00
 Musiclab RealLPC 4Real LPC is a sampled based virtual instrument that emulates the Gibson Les Paul Custom gu...12-41276$264.00
 Musiclab RealRickSuperb, versatile, complete Rickenbacker rhythm guitar accompaniment plug-in12-41397$264.00
 Musiclab RealStrat 4Electric Rhythm Guitar Accompaniment. 12-41275$264.00
 C-MusicXPC A20iIntel Core i3-4170, 4GB RAM, 500GB, DVDRW, 120W PSU, Windows 10 Home 64-bit, Keyboard, Mou...24-51027$1,849.00
 C-MusicXPC A20xIntel Core i7-4790, 16GB RAM, 240GB SSD, 1TB HD, DVDRW, 120W PSU, Windows 10 Home 64-bit, ...24-51029$2,429.00
 C-MusicXPC Pro C20xi7-4790K 8M 3.5GHz, 8GB DDR3-1600 RAM, 240GB SSD, 2TB HD, DVDRW, VGA DVI, HDMI, Win7 Home ...24-51019$3,799.00
 n-Track Studio 8 StandardAudio/MIDI Sequencer - VST, DirectX, AU, ReWire support, Effects and more.10-10246$59.00
 n-Track Studio 8 EXAudio/MIDI Sequencer - VST, DirectX, AU, ReWire support, Effects, 64-bit Mixing, Surround,...10-10247$134.00
 Nektar Impact GX 4949 note, full sized ,velocity sensitive MIDI controller with DAW Integration. (Case pack 3...25-82101$179.00
 Nektar Impact GX 6161 note, full sized, velocity sensitive MIDI controller with DAW Integration. (Case pack 3...25-82102$199.00
 Nektar Impact iX 6161note velocity sensitive keyboard, Pitch bend & modulation wheels, Octave buttons, transp...25-82093$199.00
 Nektar Impact LX 2525-note vel. USB MIDI Kybd: pitch bend, mod whl, 8 drum pad, 1 fader, 8 rotary ctrls , sus...25-82082$164.00
 Nektar Impact LX 4949-note velocity Kybd: pitch bend, mod whl, 8 drum pad, 8 rotary ctrls, 9 Faders, 9 button...25-82080$239.00
 Nektar Impact LX 6161-note velocity Kybd: pitch bend, mod whl, 8 drum pad, 8 rotary ctrls, 9 Faders, 9 button...25-82081$299.00
 Nektar Impact LX25+25 note, velocity-sensitive semi-weighted keyboard, 9 faders, 8 encoder knobs, 8 velocity ...25-82106$164.00
 Nektar Impact LX49+49 note velocity- sensitive keyboard, 9 faders, 8 encoder knobs, 8 velocity sensitive pads...25-82103$239.00
 Nektar Impact LX61+61 note velocity- sensitive keyboard, 9 faders, 8 encoder knobs, 8 velocity sensitive pads...25-82104$299.00
 Nektar Impact LX88+88 note, velocity-sensitive semi-weighted keyboard, 9 faders, 8 encoder knobs, 8 velocity ...25-82105$589.00
 Nektar Panorama P116 encoders, 9 45mm faders, 10 LED buttons, 28 buttons and a foot switch, USB MIDI Control...25-82078$499.00
 Nektar Panorama P449-note vel, aftrtch, weighted kybd ctrl, 9 motorized faders, 12-pads, Reason, Cubase and ...25-82075$799.00
 Nektar Panorama P661-note vel, aftrtch, weighted kybd ctrl, 9 motorized faders, 12-pads, Reason, Cubase and ...25-82079$929.00
 Nektar NP-1 Universal Foot SwitchUniversal foot switch pedal in a heavy duty metal enclosure and rubber gripping. Polarity ...25-82084$30.00
 Nektar NP-2 Universal Foot Pedal Universal piano style keyboard sustain foot switch pedal with metal base and rubber coatin...25-82083$38.00
 NUGEN LM-H2 & LM-Correct2True loudness metering and loudness finalization in single package.11-33057$1,099.00
 NUGEN Loudness Toolkit 2VisLM-H, LM-Correct and ISL in an affordable bundle.11-33110$1,409.00
 NUGEN Loudness Toolkit 2 DSPVisLM-H with DSP + LM-Correct + ISL with DSP11-33198$1,839.00
 NUGEN Master PackMonofilter 4, Stereoplacer 3, MasterCheck Pro, Visualizer 2 and ISL in an affordable bundl...11-33162$699.00
 NUGEN MasterCheck & ISL 2stMasterCheck (Music Industry Loudness & Dynamics tools) and ISL (Real Time True Peak Limite...11-33164$369.00
 NUGEN MasterCheck Pro & ISL 2stCross platform mastering solution & True Peak Limiting11-33225$369.00
 NUGEN MasterCheck Visualizer ComboA combination of MasterCheck and Visualizer where you get the best of both plug-ins.11-33182$449.00
 NUGEN Mix ToolsStereoizer3, Monofilter4 and Visualizer2 in an affordable bundle.11-33161$489.00
 NUGEN Mix PackISL, Stereoizer, Stereoplacer, Monofilter, Visualizer and SEQ-S in an affordable bundle.11-33112$1,199.00
 NUGEN Post PackVisLM-H, LM-Correct, ISL, Stereoizer, Stereoplacer, Monofilter, Visualizer and SEQ-S in an...11-33113$1,279.00
 NUGEN Producer PackStereoizer 3, Monofilter 4, Stereoplacer 3, MasterCheck Pro, Visualizer 2, ISL and SEQS in...11-33163$829.00
 NUGEN Stereo Pack BundleStereoizer, Stereoplacer and Monofilter bundle.11-33072$399.00
 NUGEN Monofilter ElementsCollapse stereo image to mono for sections of the audible spectrum.11-33155$69.00
 NUGEN Stereo Pack ElementsExpand your stereo image from mono to stereo and from stereo to super wide using powerful ...11-33157$144.00
 NUGEN Stereoizer ElementsExpand your stereo image from mono to stereo and from stereo to super wide using powerful ...11-33156$69.00
 NUGEN Stereoplacer ElementsPan specific frequencies in the Stereo specktrum.11-33154$79.00
 NUGEN AMB DynApt ModuleAllows the reduction of dynamics in an audio signal while avoiding the introduction of dia...11-33217$1,599.00
 NUGEN AMB Loudness ModuleRapid, file based loudness profiling and correction to ITU-R BS. 1770 (CALM) and EBU R128 ...11-33216$1,599.00
 NUGEN AMB MXF ModuleHandles PCM audio within multiple MXF formats leaving other data intact.11-33219$1,599.00
 NUGEN AMB ProRes ModuleWith AMB ProRes Module, PCM audio is natively handled within any ProRes or .mov container,...11-33220$1,599.00
 NUGEN AMB Queue ExpansionProvides an additional watched folder and/or processing queue, up to a total of 16.11-33222$769.00
 NUGEN AMB Thread ExpansionEach instance of the AMB thread expansion will activate an extra processing thread up to a...11-33221$769.00
 NUGEN AMB Upmix ModuleHigh-quality, automatic upmixing to 5.1 and 7.1 from stereo and multi-channel sources, wit...11-33218$1,599.00
 NUGEN LM-Correct 2Automatic loudness correction to Int'l standards with immediate finalization using real-ti...11-33056$579.00
 NUGEN LM-Correct 2 DynApt ExtensionLoudness Range quick-fix extension11-33194$289.00
 LM-Correct with DynApt ExtLoudness Range quick-fix extension11-33231$929.00
 NUGEN MultiMonitorMultiple-stream, real-time loudness metering11-33114$2,899.00
 NUGEN VisLM-H2 DSP ExtensionVisLM-H2 DSP Extension (requires VisLM-H2)11-33200$149.00
 NUGEN Visualizer 2Level, correlation and bias meters, spectrum analyzer, spectrograms, vestorscope, phase an...11-33053$289.00
 NUGEN Visualizer 2 DSP ExtensionVisualizer with HDX Hybrid extension11-33203$79.00
 NUGEN VisLM-C2 Loudness MeterITU, ATSC and EBU standard compliant loudness measurement, comparison and contrasting tool...11-33054$439.00
 NUGEN VisLM-H2 Loudness MeterITU, ATSC and EBU standard compliant loudness measure/compare/contrast tool with up to 24 ...11-33055$659.00
 NUGEN VisLM-H2 with DSP ExtVisLM-H2 with DSP Extension11-33199$869.00
 NUGEN Visualizer 2 with DSP ExtHDX Hybrid extension for Visualizer (requires Visualizer license)11-33202$389.00
 NUGEN Halo UpmixBroadcast quality Stereo to 5.1 and 7.1 upmixer perfect for stems and full mixes11-30247$829.00
 NUGEN ISL 2A transparent look-ahead limiter that takes care of true-peak compliance while you carry o...11-33085$369.00
 NUGEN ISL 2 with DSP extensionTrue-Peak limiter - with DSP extension for HDX11-33177$529.00
 NUGEN ISL 2stTrue-Peak Limiter - stereo only11-33176$229.00
 NUGEN ISL 2st with DSP extensionTrue-Peak limiter - stereo only with DSP extension for HDX11-33178$369.00
 NUGEN MasterCheckMix and Master for today's popular music platform like iTunes, Spotify, Radio, TV, etc. wi...11-33126$189.00
 NUGEN MasterCheck ProComplete solution for optimizing mixes for today's music delivery services. Cross platform...11-33224$289.00
 NUGEN MonofilterSharpen, anchor and solidify bass content in mixes and restore low-end to old recordings.11-33060$174.00
 NUGEN ISL 2 DSP ExtensionTrue-Peak limiter - DSP extension for HDX11-33201$149.00
 NUGEN SEQ-SLinear-phase EQ with spline interface and matching function11-33117$369.00
 NUGEN SEQ-STEQ with powerful sonic sculpting and EQ matching, L/R/M/S operation, Spectrum Analysis.11-33184$229.00
 NUGEN Site Floating License SystemEnterprise Site licensing, by arrangement only11-33195$829.00
 NUGEN StereoizerStereo image manipulation tool for natural expansion, reduction and introduction of stereo...11-33059$174.00
 NUGEN StereoplacerAdjust the position of percussion parts in a stereo mix with this frequency-dependent pann...11-33061$174.00
 NUGEN Halo Upmix 9.1 ExtensionHalo Upmix with 9.1 Extension11-30255$279.00
Ohm Force
 Ohm Force All All BundleAll Ohm Force plug-ins and synths bundle - 25% OFF.11-31198$559.00
 Ohm Force FX BundleAll FX plug-ins [Ohmicide, Ohmboys, Quad Frohmage, Mobileohm, Hematohm, Predatohm] bundle ...11-31197$479.00
 Ohm Force HematohmFrequency shifter for creating ultra weird sounds with ring modulation, LFOs, color and mo...11-31206$94.00
 Ohm Force Mobileohm4-band phaser w/ 4 independent oscillators, bandpass filter, 3 phasing algorithms and more...11-31205$94.00
 Ohm Force OhmboysAdvanced multi-tap delay w/ complex resonant filters, distortion high-shelf, LFOs and more...11-31203$134.00
 Ohm Force OhmicideInsane multi-band distortion tool w/ compression, EQ, filter, gates, mixer and much more.11-31202$189.00
 Ohm Force Predatohm3-band overdrive tool for turning lifeless signals into super fat, warm, vintage sound.11-31207$59.00
 Ohm Force Quad Frohmage4-band sonic chisel w/ syncable-delay, filter, distortion, fatness, color, damping, routin...11-31204$189.00
 Ohm Force SymptohmGranular synth-sample player w/ 2 osc, ring mod, sub-osc, sample-stretch, pitch, loop and ...11-31199$189.00
 Pianoteq D4 Grand PianoVirtual Steinway D from Hamburg, famous for its exquisite musical expression and being fea...12-41617$89.00
 Pianoteq K2 Grand PianoDeveloped especially for Pianoteq 5. Not based on any specific model. Combines the best el...12-41618$89.00
 Pianoteq 5 ProPhysical modeled 4th generation Piano instrument with 9 new models and advanced, note-by-n...12-41380$789.00
 Pianoteq 5 StagePhysical modeled 4th generation Piano instrument with improved sonic clarity and basic edi...12-41378$199.00
 Pianoteq 5 StandardPhysical modeled 4th generation Piano instrument with 9 new models and powerful editing ca...12-41379$489.00
 Pianoteq 5 Studio BundleD4, Bl Model 1, K2, YC5, U4, Kremsegg 1 and 2, Electric Pianos, Clavinet, Vibes, Xylo, Cel...12-41391$1,199.00
 Pianoteq Blüthner Model 1Bluthner's concert stage grand piano add-on for Pianoteq.12-41315$89.00
 Pianoteq Grotrian Concert RoyalPhysically modeled virtual instrument, modelled after the Grotrian Concert Royal grand pia...12-41435$89.00
 Pianoteq Kremsegg Collection 1Four exceptional, authentic, historic instruments from the 18th and 19th centuries | Dohna...12-41389$89.00
 Pianoteq Kremsegg Collection 2Broadwood pianoforte - Pleyel grand piano - Frenzel grand piano - Bechstein grand piano12-41390$89.00
 Pianoteq Model B Grand PianoModel B Grand Piano. - Instrument modelled after a Steinway B Grand Piano from Hamburg, Kn...12-41429$89.00
 Pianoteq CelesteCelesta and Glockenspiel add-on for Pianoteq. 12-41295$89.00
 Pianoteq Concert HarpVibrant collection of Harp Sounds12-41399$79.00
 Pianoteq Electric PianoAdd-on fully customizable Vintage Tines R2 and Vintage Reeds W1 to Pianoteq12-41226$89.00
 Pianoteq HarpsichordThis virtual instrument offers an extension of the original instrument, from 41/2 to 61/2 ...12-41430$89.00
 Pianoteq Hohner CollectionCollection containing 4 instruments Electra Piano, Pianet N, Pianet T and Clavinet D6 12-41227$89.00
 Pianoteq Rock PianoStage, chamber and studio sounds from the Yamaha C7 add-on for Pianoteq.12-41229$89.00
 Pianoteq SteelpansSteel Drum, Space Drum, Hand Pan and Tank Drum add-on for Pianoteq.12-41297$89.00
 Pianoteq U4 Upright PianoU4 Upright Piano add-on for Pianoteq.12-41322$89.00
 Pianoteq VibesMusser and Bergerault Vibraphone add-on for Pianoteq.12-41228$89.00
 Pianoteq XylophoneXylophone and Bass Marimba add-on for Pianoteq.12-41296$89.00
 Polyverse I WISHGranular note freezer plug-in10-12110$169.00
 Polyverse ManipulatorA pitch shifter on steroids.10-12115$199.00
 Re-Compose Liquid NotesTool for music production that adjusts melodies, chords and melodic elements in harmonic c...11-33103$249.00
Reveal Sound
 Reveal Sound SpirePowerful software synthesizer with hi-quality built in effects processor and step sequenci...11-31295$319.00
 Serato DJ SuiteSerato DJ, Serato Video, Serato DVS Expansion Pack, all Serato FX Expansion Packs (Chip Pa...10-15219$479.00
 Serato Pitch 'n Time LE 3Hi-quality time-comp|exp from 1/2-2x speed independent of pitch, and pitch-shifting 12 sem...10-15211$659.00
 Serato Pitch 'n Time Pro 3Hi-quality time-comp|exp from 1/8-8x speed independent of pitch, and pitch-shifting 36 sem...10-15210$1,309.00
 Serato DJ Club KitThe Serato Dj Club kit is a bundle with Serato DJ and DVS expansion pack Licenses.10-15233$279.00
 Serato DJ DVS Expansion PackExpansion pack for Serato DJ allowing users to connect compatible/supported hardware turn10-15232$159.00
 Serato DJThe most widely used Professional DJ tool for vinyl, CDJ's, DJ Controllers.10-15212$159.00
 Serato FX KitThe Serato FX Kit comes with all Serato FX expansion packs, including the chip pack, back10-15234$44.00
 Serato VideoAn expansion pack for Scratch Live, Serato DJ and ITCH to manipulate video playback with V...10-15213$159.00
 Sonarworks Reference 3 SuiteReference 3 speaker and headphone plugin bundle download only (3 HP plugin licences)12-41427$499.00
 Sonarworks Reference 3 Suite w/XLR mic3X Sonarworks Reference 3 calibrator software, 3X Speaker calibration plug-ins, 3x headpho...12-41439$599.00
 Sonarworks Reference 3 Speaker w/XLR micSonarworks Reference 3 + 2 speaker plugins + XLR microphone12-41421$479.00
 Sonarworks XREF20 Microphone + Ref 3XREF20 Measurement Microphones + Free Trial of SW Reference 3 Software and Speaker Plugin12-41423$129.00
 Sonarworks Reference 3 HeadphoneX3Seperate Sonarworks Headphone plugin (VST/AU/RTAS/AAX) for 3 computers12-41426$179.00
 Sonarworks Reference 3 SpeakerSpeaker room calibration software12-41420$399.00
 Sony PCM-M10 Field Recorder Black24|96 field recorder with X-Y mics, 4GB Flash Memony, USB, MP3, Mini SD, long battery life...20-10008$499.00
 Sony PCM-M10 Field Recorder Red24|96 field recorder with X-Y mics, 4GB Flash Memony, USB, MP3, Mini SD, long battery life...20-10009$499.00
 Sony MDR-7502 HeadphoneGeneral purpose pro headphones: 500mW, 24Ohm, 102dB sense, 60Hz - 16KHz, 50mm driver, 145g...20-11000$94.00
 Sony MDR-7506 HeadphoneStudio reference headphones: 1000mW, 63Ohm, 102dB sense, 10Hz - 20KHz, 40mm driver, 230g.20-11002$199.00
 Sony MDR-7510 HeadphoneHigh quality studio headphone for demanding pro applications, including studio and broadca...20-11004$279.00
 Sony MDR-7520 HeadphoneHigh quality studio headphone for critical lstening pro applications, including studio and...20-11005$659.00
 Sony MDR-7550 HeadphonePro in-ear headphones provide high quality audio in a lightweight and compact design, idea...20-11006$599.00
 Sony PHA1 Portable Headphone AmplifierPortable USB Headphone Amplifier to make your phone sound like an audiophile stereo.20-10012$595.00
Spitfire Audio
 Spitfire Albion II - LoegriaBeautiful Detailed and Esoteric TV, Film, & Games sample library for Kontakt Player12-41501$749.00
 Spitfire Albion III - IceniThe largest Celli, Bass, Brass & Woodwind sections ever! Sample Library for Kontakt player12-41502$749.00
 Spitfire Albion IV - UistOver 800 unique "progressive" articulations & 200 warped orchestral hybrids. For Kontakt P...12-41503$749.00
 Spitfire Albion V - TundraSampled 100 piece orchestra alongside bellows, percussion and a characterful warped synth ...12-41624$749.00
 Spitfire Albion ONEEpic Hybrid Composer Tools encompassing everything you need to compose orchestsral music.12-41563$749.00
 Spitfire Symphonic BrassA definitive collection of orchestral brass recorded at Air Studios, London.12-41623$1,149.00
 Spitfire Symphonic StringsThe definitive compendium of Symphonic Strings, recorded with a no holds barred approach.12-41626$1,319.00
 Spitfire Symphonic WoodwindsA definitive compendium of orchestral woodwinds.12-41625$969.00
 London Contemporary Orchestra StringsCutting-edge Orchestra String Samples12-41627$589.00
 Spitfire Orchestral Grand PianoContextual Piano Sample Library for Full Version of Kontakt.12-41553$89.00
 Spitfire Sacconi Strings QuartetPurpose built tools for writing for string quartets.12-41610$869.00
 Spitfire Scraped PercussionScraped, bowed, rubbed, brushed percussion. Sample Library for Full Version of Kontakt.12-41557$89.00
 Spitfire AluphoneExtraordinary array of Aluminium Bells12-41602$89.00
 Spitfire Grand CimbalomThe large hammered Grand Cimbalom played by Greg Knowles. Sample Library for Full Version ...12-41551$89.00
 Spitfire Harp Swarm9 Harps playing simultaneously12-41603$279.00
 Spitfire Hg20A definitive and experimental take on a cinematic water based classic. Sample Library for ...12-41550$89.00
 Spitfire Marimba SwarmTuned percussion choir12-41607$279.00
 Spitfire PercussionA huge array of big and small, timpani, bass drums and cymbals. Sample library for Kontakt...12-41549$649.00
 Spitfire Solo StringsThe definitive Solo Strings Sample Library for Full Version of Kontakt.12-41552$389.00
 Spitfire Swarm Mandolins19 guitarists, Charangos, Mandolins and Ukuleles. Sample library for Full Version of Konta...12-41548$279.00
 Spitfire Steel DrumBeautifully crafted steel pans presented for Film, TV, Games, RnB and EDM.12-41609$189.00
 Spitfire Steven Devine - HarpsichordA truly spectacular harpsichord library performed by the London's leading technician; Stev...12-41555$189.00
 Spitfire Union Chapel OrgansA legendary organ built by Henry Willis in a legendary London Venue; the beautiful Union C...12-41620$279.00
 Spitfire Kinematik - Add on PackRequires a full version of eDNA12-41599$69.00
 Spitfire redCola Trailer GiantThe world's first purpose built trailer tool-kit designed by REDCOLA. Sample Library for F...12-41560$649.00
 Spitfire Sound Dust DustBundleSix top-selling Sound Dust instruments .Sample Library for Full version of Kontakt12-41561$189.00
 Spitfire Andy Findon KitbagSpitfire Andy Findon Kitbag12-41535$189.00
 Spitfire Andy Findon Kitbag 2Five more beautiful exotic flutes played by a true master . Sample library for Full versio...12-41536$189.00
 Spitfire Chamber StringsDeep-sampled w articulations & techniques12-41615$1,149.00
 Spitfire Glass & SteelTuned' arrays of glass, metal & crockery12-41614$189.00
 Spitfire Inder Goldfinger PercussionInder Goldfinger's anthology of Indian percussion multisamples, loops and grooves. Sample ...12-41531$279.00
 Spitfire North 7 Vintage KeysFour classic vintage keyboards from the 1960s and 1970s performed by a session giant and r...12-41621$389.00
 Spitfire Ricotti MalletsDeep Sampled Marimba, Glockenspiel, Xylophone and Crotales. Performed by living legend Fra...12-41616$279.00
 Spitfire Artisan CelloChris Worsey Master Cellist, samples and articulations. Sample library for Full version of...12-41523$189.00
 Spitfire Artisan ViolinWarren Zielinski Violin samples . Sample library for Full version of Kontakt12-41522$189.00
 Spitfire Electric Cello8.7GB of Electric Cello samples by Peter Gregson . Sample library for Full version of Kont...12-41524$189.00
 Spitfire EVO GRID 1Collection of long evolving chamber strings orchestrated by Ben Foskett . Sample library f...12-41537$389.00
 Spitfire EVO GRID 2A new set of long evolving chamber strings orchestrated by Ben Foskett . Sample library fo...12-41538$389.00
 Spitfire EVO GRID 3EVO GRID 3 - A series of 37 evolving string motions and hyper-long articulations that chan...12-41613$389.00
 Spitfire EVO GRID 4An eclectic collection of Woodwinds Evolutions designed by Ben Foskett to bring a very spe...12-41562$309.00
 Spitfire Felt PianoHand-crafted German piano played with the 'Celeste' pedal engaged by a living jazz legend....12-41530$189.00
 Spitfire NoiseMakerMysterious instruments with haunting musical saw12-41600$189.00
 Spitfire THePETEBOXA definitive collection of Human beatbox samples produced by a master of his art . Sample ...12-41539$189.00
 Spitfire Titanium EuphoneDeep sampled Titanium Euphone performed by Christian Henson. Sample library for Full versi...12-41525$189.00
 Spitfire Earth Encounters Vol 1David Fanshaw's Sound archives of cultural traditions . Sample library for Full version of...12-41547$469.00
 Spitfire Enigma 2 - The RaptureApocalyptic distorted instruments & walls of sound12-41604$469.00
 Spitfire Hans Zimmer PianoUltimate Sampled Piano. 88,352 samples, 452.7 GB using 60 microphones to capture rich, end...12-41594$649.00
 Spitfire HZ01 Hans Zimmer Perc LondonA definitive collection of hybrid cinematic widescreen percussion ensembles produced by Ha...12-41541$869.00
 Spitfire HZ02 Hans Zimmer Perc LAHans Zimmer presents Jason Bonham playing his enormous sounding DW Vistalite kits. Sample ...12-41542$469.00
 Spitfire HZ03 Hans Zimmer Perc Ldn SolosThe definitive collection of Hybrid Cinematic Widescreen percussion ensembles, produced by...12-41543$469.00
 Spitfire Joey SantiagoJoey Santiago contains a variety of multi sampled instruments recorded and performed by th...12-41622$389.00
 Spitfire Leo Abraham's EnigmaOver 300 presets including guitars, synths, pads, phrases and over 200 loops. Sample libra...12-41544$189.00
 Spitfire Martyn Ware's N.I.C.Classic analog synth and drum sounds from Martyn Ware?s collection Sample library for Full...12-41545$189.00
 Spitfire Olafur Arnalds Composer ToolkitQuartet of unique string players12-41605$469.00
 Spitfire Olafur Arnalds EvolutionsTool for composers, songwriters, producers12-41601$469.00
 Spitfire Samuel Sim - ChrysalisInspirational sounds for film & TV12-41606$279.00
 Spitfire The GrangeThree legendary drummers recorded at one legendary location. Sample library for Full versi...12-41546$389.00
 U-Sacconi Strings Quartet <- 1 Vol CrsgdFor existing owners of one volume, either "1st Violin" or "Cello" this upgrade includes fu...12-41611$589.00
 U-Sacconi Strings Quartet <- 2 Vol CrsgdFor existing owners of both volumes "1st Violin" and "Cello" this upgrade includes full ve...12-41612$389.00
Sugar Bytes
 Sugar Bytes Sugar BundleSugar Bytes complete collection: Turnado, Guitarist, Egoist, Thesyst, Consequence, Effectr...11-33042$834.00
 Sugar Bytes EffectrixTweak beats, create new rhythms, reverse parts, stretch others, add delay lines; create me...11-33034$194.00
 Sugar Bytes TurnadoRevolutionary multi-effect tool, crafted especially for massive real-time audio manipulati...11-33038$194.00
 Sugar Bytes VogueJuicy channel strip: gate, preamp, compressor, 3-band dynamic EQ, filter, delay and reverb...11-33040$99.00
 Sugar Bytes WOW 221 incredible filter types with the famous vowel mode in a fresh new GUI.11-33101$174.00
 Sugar Bytes LooperatorUltimate audio Slicing, Processing and Mangling System for all styles of Electronic Music.11-33160$194.00
 Sugar Bytes Factory2x10 Oscillalator Engine polyphonic synth with FX, sequencer, arpeggiator and more.11-33192$229.00
 Sugar Bytes Artillery2Effects are assigned to keyzones and can be triggered with MIDI notes in an intuitive and ...11-33032$194.00
 Sugar Bytes ConsequenceComposition tool for you to try out chord patterns in a matter of seconds.11-33033$194.00
 Sugar Bytes CyclopUltimate Dub-Step Wobble Generator, FX Sequencer, 6 Synthesis Engines: Saw Regiment, Analo...11-33076$174.00
 Sugar Bytes EgoistGroove instrument with Slicer, Bassline, Looper, Sequencer, Reverb, Filter for Sketching t...11-33118$174.00
 Sugar Bytes GuitaristAbsolutely convincing guitar riffs, combined with amps, wah pedals and effects.11-33035$194.00
 Sugar Bytes Obscurium8 voice generative synthesizer with a unique and futuristic interface. Saw, Pulse, Super S...11-33180$174.00
 Sugar Bytes ThesysMIDI step sequencer plug-in giving control over just about all aspects of your favorite MI...11-33037$174.00
 Sugar Bytes UniqueSynthesizer specializes in state of the art vowel sounds and mighty analog keyboard sounds...11-33039$174.00
Tek-It Audio
 Tek'it FX Bundle 2 10 FX to distort, filter, gate, chop, cut, compress, equalize @ 40% OFF11-31273$329.00
 Tek'it IS Bundle 28 instruments and 3 expansions at 40% OFF11-31274$239.00
 Tek'it OIO one8 instruments, 7 FX & 3 expansions11-31280$439.00
 Tek'it 8 EQ F8-band semi-parametric equalizer with selectable bandwidth between narrow/wide and MIDI au...11-31179$79.00
 Tek'it 8 EQ P8-band fully parametric equalizer with fixed center frequency range for high precision and...11-31178$79.00
 Tek'it Arp-EG classic6-mode MIDI arpeggiator with shuffle and gate control, 2 velocity modes, 48 presets for VS...11-31143$49.00
 Tek'it CompModern easy to use compressor11-31277$69.00
 Tek'it DigitD OverdriveDigitD - High quality overdrive distortion.11-31296$69.00
 Tek'it DlayrPattern controlled delay plug-in11-31278$79.00
 Tek'it UinkuSubtle Harmonic to Extreme Distortion11-31279$69.00
 Tek'it Badass 2Multi-effects distortion plug-in with the ability to apply 12 effects simultaneously or in...11-31209$129.00
 Tek'it EQF8 2Semi-parametric 8 band equalizer for mixing & mastering.11-31304$109.00
 Tek'it EQP8 2A fully parametric 8 band equalizer for mixing, mastering & sound design.11-31305$109.00
 Tek'it GattR32-step stereo gate effect sequencer to create chop and fade effects with modulation synce...11-31145$69.00
 Tek'it Kutter 212-band frequency cutting 128-step sequencer for precise trance gate, fading and chopping ...11-31144$69.00
 Tek'it OruHigh quality wavefolder distortion. Manipulate the harmonic spectrum to add a little extra...11-31308$69.00
 Tek'it APC Punk ConsoleVirtual re-creation of a popular DIY circuit the Atari Punk Console.11-31141$29.00
 Tek'it NeogenPhase distortion & subtractive polysynth11-31276$109.00
 Tek'it DubSirenSiren synth recreates the 'siren' sounds made famous by Jamaican sound system producers.11-31142$69.00
 Tek'it Genobazz ProMonophonic synth, 12 waveforms, 11 Filters, modulation and effects for making complex soun...11-31146$79.00
 Tek'it Syntik-DRLayer-based Electronic Drum Synthesizer with FM Osc, Filter, FX, Distortion and 128 fat pr...11-31251$79.00
 Telefunken M80 BlackDynamic mic with condenser-like performance perfect for vocals, instruments and drums - co...28-60015$389.00
 Telefunken M80 StandardDynamic mic with condenser-like performance perfect for vocals, instruments and drums28-60014$389.00
 Telefunken M81 Universal DynamicDynamic mic with pulled-back top end exceptional on electric guitars, percussion, toms and...28-60016$389.00
 Telefunken M82 DynamicRobust dynamic microphone featuring a large 35mm diaphragm with superb low frequency capab...28-60017$609.00
 Telefunken M80 SHLow profile snare drum and vocal mic with wide frequency response and high SPL28-60018$389.00
 Telefunken M80 SHB BlackLow profile snare drum and vocal mic with wide frequency response and high SPL - color bla...28-60019$389.00
 Telefunken M81 SHLow profile mic great for vocals, guitar, toms, percussion and horns 28-60020$389.00
 Telefunken M80 WHWireless head dynamic mic with superior clarity and extended freq response - SHURE compata...28-60021$389.00
 Telefunken M80 WH BlackWireless head dynamic mic with superior clarity and extended freq response - SHURE compata...28-60022$389.00
 Telefunken M81 WHWireless head cardioid dynamic mic with minimal proximity effect and superior feedback rej...28-60023$389.00
TL Audio
 TL Audio Ebony A4 SummerDiscrete Class A 16:2 summing mixer with 16 balanced Ins TRS|D-Sub with pan ctrl, switch +...23-71043$1,999.00
u-He Software
 u-He PresswerkPowerful Dynamics Processor blends classic hardware warmth with developments only possible10-12082$209.00
 u-He SatinTape Contruction Kit with mix-and-match emulation spaning all major historical tape develo...10-12081$209.00
 u-He Uhbik9 surround-capable EQ, reverb, vocoder and modulation effect wrapped in a beautiful, strea...10-12084$249.00
 u-He AceAny Cable Anywhere. ACE offers classic modular synthesis and more at a fraction of the cos...10-12079$139.00
 u-He BazilleLarge modular system combining digital oscillators with analogue-style filters and modelle...10-12080$209.00
 u-He DIVAThe oscillators, filters and envelopes from some of the great mono-polyphonic synthesizers...10-12078$299.00
 u-He HIVESuper fast synth packed with features, controls and enough flexibility to deliver stunning...10-12083$249.00
 u-He Repro-1Classic Monosynth with RAW Analog Sound10-12113$174.00
 u-He Zebra2Hans Zimmer's favorite softsynth. Additive, Freehand, Spline-based synthesis with a powerf...10-12077$329.00
 F-REX Independently control the volume level and pan settings of specific instruments or vocal p...11-31287$159.00
 Vocaloid 3 Megpoid LibraryVocaloid 3 Megpoid Library11-31282$159.00
 Vocaloid 4 Megpoid Starter PackSinging Voice Synthesizer11-31281$334.00
Wave Arts
 Wave Arts Master Restoration SuiteA comprehensive set of restoration plug-ins for cleaning up tape, vinyl, and acoustic reco...11-33020$269.00
 Wave Arts Power Suite 5 [Box]Mixing | Mastering plug-ins: Dynamics, Reverb, Channel Strip, Finalizer and 3D processing.11-33003$559.00
 Wave Arts Power Suite 5Superb bundle of plug-ins for sound design, tracking, mixing and mastering.11-33019$659.00
 Wave Arts Masterverb 5A great sounding reverb with separate hall and plate processors and a stunning GUI.11-33022$199.00
 Wave Arts MultiDynamics 56 independent bands of full-featured compression/expansion in both vintage and clean dynam...11-33024$199.00
 Wave Arts Panorama 53-D processor combines HRTF-based 3-D panning with room reflections, reverberation, and Do...11-33025$199.00
 Wave Arts Tube Saturator 2A super-accurate circuit simulation of a tube pre-amp with analog EQ11-34042$159.00
 Wave Arts DialogAll the processing needed to clean up, adjust, and sweeten recordings of the spoken voice.11-33031$199.00
 Wave Arts FinalPlug 5Easy to use and great sounding peak limiter and loudness maximizer.11-33023$199.00
 Wave Arts TrackPlug 5Channel strip w/10-band EQ, brickwall filters, spectrum analyzer, dual multi-mode comp., g...11-33021$199.00
 Wave Arts MR ClickCombines click and crackle filtering for cleanup of phonograph recordings or other impulsi...11-33028$64.00
 Wave Arts MR GateA full featured expander/gate that can be used to gate noise during quiet sections.11-33029$64.00
 Wave Arts MR HumCombines hum removal, buzz removal, brickwall filtering, and spectrum analysis in one tool...11-33027$64.00
 Wave Arts MR NoiseA broadband noise reduction processor.11-33026$199.00
Wave DNA
 Liquid RhythmThe MIDI sequencer and beat creation software that you'll leave the piano roll for11-33105$174.00
 Liquid Rhythm IntroAffordable entry-level version of Liquid Rhythm11-33106$89.00
 Liquid Rhythm UpdateUpgrade from Liquid Rhythm Intro to Liquid Rhythm11-33107$89.00
Xhun Audio
 Xhun Audio IronAxeRealistic and expressive Physical Modeled Electric Guitar with modeled sound with no sampl...11-30212$189.00
 Xhun Audio LittleOneAnalog Modelling Synth, Sequencer, Trancegate, FX for some heavenly analog sounds11-30211$94.00
 Xhun Audio Instruments BundleLittleOne (Analogue Modeling Synthesizer) and IronAxe (Physical Modeled Electric Guitar) a...11-30213$229.00
 XILS OxiumPerformance synth offering both rich classic analog sound and sparkling modern tones.11-31253$169.00
 XILS PolyKB IICaptures the sound and spirit of the legendary RSF PolyKobol Analog synthesizer11-31256$259.00
 XILS Syn'XVintage Analog Polyphonic synthesizer based on the Elka Synthex.11-31255$289.00
 XILS V+Vintage 10-band Vocoder combined with a "Top Octave Divider"-based Strings and Human Voice...11-31254$259.00
 XILS Vocoder 5000Organic sound of EMS 5000 analog Vocoder11-31275$259.00
 XILS Synth BundleXILS 4, Sy'X, Oxium, PolyKB II, XILS V+ at an affordable price.11-31267$799.00
 XILS LeMasqueDelayApplies delay to parts of the signal11-31269$109.00
 XILS RAMSESR.A.M.S.E.S. will bring any signal to life with rhythm and motion11-31268$129.00
 XILS 3Virtual instrument based on the of the architecture of a classic matrix based modular synt...11-31257$259.00
 XILS 4Ultimate Analog Matrix Modular Synth11-31270$299.00
 XILS StiXVirtual Analog & MultiSynthesis Drum Machine with next level XoX Sequencer11-31290$299.00