About Tek-It Audio

Tek'it Audio is a young company founded in 2010 located in France. They make innovative audio software instruments and effects for creative producers from the bedroom enthusiast to professionals. Tek'it Audio believes that audio software technology must be accessible to all, this is why they practice a fair pricing policy. Make affordable software to allow all music producers enjoy them is an important goal for Tek'it Audio. Tek'it Audio's company motto, "Create, Play." is written in the DNA of their products, they are made to play whether in the studio or live. Tek'it Audio are musicians first. It means they design and create software that they use. Software which carries out their tasks, assist you in being creative, simply.


Tek'it Audio - Badass Chords!

Dan-D experiments with Badass 2 by Tek'it Audio, on his chord progression. What are your thoughts ?!

Tek'it Audio - Genobazz Pro

Dan-D plays around with Tek'it Audio's Genobazz Pro!

TEK' IT Audio "GattR"

Tek' IT Audio "GattR" is a sequenced stereo gate effect that helps you create cutting edge stereo gate, chop, and fade effects that are synchronized with you...

TEK' It Audio "Arp-EG Classic"

Arp-EG classic is a MIDI arpeggiator, which allows you to play arpeggio on all your instruments. This includes your VST instruments and your hardware synth.

Tek'it Audio DubSiren | Siren Synthesizer

- Select one of the seven modulations - Control the speed of your siren - Sync to the beat of your DAW - Adjust the phase - Pitch tracking to play the siren ...

Tek'it Audio - Kutter2

Dan-D Uses a wicked tool called Kutter2 on his synth. Check it out !

Tek'it Audio's EQP8 2 Review

Blayne reviews Tek'it Audio's EQP8 2: a fully parametric 8-band equalizer for mixing, mastering and sound design, with fixed center frequency ranges to give the user high precision.