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accSone developments focuses on software that provides sound designers, musicians, and artists with special and unusual tools for their outstanding projects. accSone was founded in 1997 and is located in Munich,Germany. The accSone flagship product crusher-X was born 1999 and raised up to the "most sophisticated" tool for granular synthesis in the market. It's more than sound. it's more than music ... it's the crusher! Its powerful algorithm creates very complex sounds, drones, and outstanding multichannel effects. crusher-X does distill and transform pre-recorded or live-audio input quite radically. crusher-X is a trademark that is known since 1999 as "the" granular effect standard that allows a very deep control of grains and layered grain-streams in real-time.

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Accsone Crusher Review

Crusher-X is a granular synthesizer and granulize effect plug-in.