About Sugar Bytes

Sugar Bytes was founded by Robert Fehse & Rico Baade in Berlin, Germany. Robert studied informatics and worked for Native Instruments until Sugar Bytes was born, he is a one-man think tank and cares for first class code and consistent concepts. Rico Baade is formerly known as Reaktor legend "Programchild" and earned worldwide appreciation with Sugar Bytes, living his passion for sound and design. Together they formed Sugar Bytes to provide better sounding, better looking audio software that is easier to use and cheaper to get then everything else out there. They produce high quality products that can do more stuff with less buttons and have more features with fewer instructions that are just simply more fun and less expensive.


MMTV: Making Music with Sugar Bytes Factory | Eric Burgess

In this video Product Specialist Eric Burgess shows how to create a track from scratch using Sugar Bytes Factory Synth. Buy Here : https://www.musicmarketing...

MMTV: Sugar Bytes Factory Sequence Patch | Eric Burgess

Eric Burgess shows how to create a sequenced patch using Filters , Wavetable Osc w shatter effect + White noise Hi Hats for a percussive Bass and Drum rhythm...

MMTV: Sugar Bytes Factory Synth Pluck Creation | Eric Burgess

In this video Product Specialist Eric Burgess shows step by step how to create a pluck patch within Sugar Bytes Factory Software Synth. Buy Here: https://www...

MMTV: Sugar Bytes Factory | General Patch Creation | Eric Burgess

In this video Eric Burgess shows how to create a general patch within Sugar Bytes Factory Synth using the mod matrix, LFOs and a few randomized tweaks. Buy H...

MMTV: Sugar Bytes Aparillo | Alien Covenant Demo

Sugar Bytes Aparillo is a powerful Cinematic Motion Synthesizer designed from the ground up for film and media composers. We used 10 instanced of Aparillo to...

MMTV: Sugar Bytes Effectrix Multi-FX | Eric Burgess

In this video Eric uses Sugar Bytes Effectrix and shows how to sequence different multi-fx with only specific sections of a guitar loop being affected and ho...

MMTV: Sugar Bytes Aparillo: The Cinematic Machine | Eric Burgess

Eric gives an overview of Aparillo by Sugar Bytes. A serious sound design tool for epic sonic cinematic creations. Hear the Presets, FX and "Orbiter" feature...

Turnado Review

Frank Heller reviews Sugar Bytes Turnado: A deceptively powerful plug-in, that works really well whether you're a novice looking to spice up your DJ sets or an advanced user in search of bringing variety to your sessions.

Sugar Bytes' Factory Review

Frank Heller takes a look at Sugar Bytes' Factory, a Liquid Mdular Synthesizer for complex and organic sounds.

Aparillo Review

Aparillo is an advanced 16-voice FM synthesizer, tailored for majestic sonic motions.

Sugar Bytes - Unique

The Unique synthesizer specializes in state-of-the-art vowel sounds and mighty, mighty analog keyboard sounds. With Unique, it takes just a rightclick on a c...

Sugar-Bytes : What Turnado Can Do ! (in depth look)

Dan-D Shows us a more in depth look at Sugar-Bytes' Turnado !

Sugar Bytes - Effectrix as a Live FX Generator

Dan-D plays around with Effectrix on his latest track!

Sugar Bytes - Artillery

The Artillery2 concept is as simple as effective: Effects are assigned to keyzones and can be triggered with MIDI notes in an intuitive and extremely flexibl...

Sugar Bytes - Transition Effects Made Easy

Dan-D uses Turnado for transitions!